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Black Americans for Real Change is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of an objective, and yet challenging perspective on issues within the African-American community. BARC is a collaboration of individuals who feel the need to address the concept of change as viewed within the current political contest. They are individuals who are convicted that true change is a matter of the heart and not government policy. This conviction is the propellant for all initiatives and opinions conducted by BARC. Chiefly, BARC exists to challenge, inspire, and act.

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  1. Today,08-15-08, I read an editorial by Floyd and Mary Beth Brown “Not all African-Americans like Obama.” I am a Black American and this is how I’ve always referred to myself and my family. I know the press and writers of editorials write to sell papers for their employers. In today’s editorial they had several quotes from you and Dr. Alveda King.

    I know quotes are can be used to insight or quell the emotions of the readers. The one I take offense to is ‘Owens believes Obama is manipulative of African- American “in reality he is not a Black American. His heritage is Muslim – not African American” and calls Obama a pretender and panderer.” If you did make this statement you are wrong. His father is from Africa and his mother was Anglo American so in reality he is an African American. Here is another thought for you to ponder when you consider who is an African American. The South African actress Charlize Theron if she was to become an American citizen and filled out a job application she could check African American.
    Also, I’m a veteran and retired from Law Enforcement after 29 years. You and Dr. King talk about being pro life. When I first came on the job I talked with the older Black LE members who told me that they were glad to see Roe vs. Wade upheld. I asked why coming from a Catholic background.

    They said they were tired of going to hospitals and or alleys where young Black women had died from botched abortions. Some of which still had wire coat hangers in their bodies.

  2. Mr. Owens spoke at an event held locally. Although I did not have the opportunity to hear his presentation in its entirety, I understood the gist and was intrigued by the title of the book.

    I read the book and found it very insightful. The book challenges readers to perform a side-by-side comparison of their Christian values and the values that Barack Obama espouses. Those values that Obama touts are in direct opposition to the strengthening of not only the African-American family but to the American family in general ranging from school choice to taxes to self-discipline. Mr. Owens implores the readers not to leave their values outside the voting booth.

    Often, there is a comparison between Barack Obama and Dr. King. Before the lines are drawn, read Chapter 3: Dr. Martin Luther King & Barack Obama Side-by-Side. The chapter is very interesting and, again, forces readers to take an inventory of Dr. King’s philosphies vs. Obama’s.

    Purchase this book not only for yourself, but as a gift. The book is not only applicable to African-Americans but every American regardless if s/he is voting for Obama, McCain, or still undecided.

  3. The best thing about being American? We never have to agree on every thing, every time.

    As an African American I am supporting Barack because he’s said things I’ve wanted to hear from ANY candidate, because he inspired me to care about the election when I’d allowed the conservative wave that was sweeping across the country like a Tsunami to make me wonder if it was even worth it to vote anymore.

    My point is this, Barack didn’t get my support instantly and he certainly didn’t get it because HE IS AN AFRICAN AMERICAN. He maintains my support because in spite of insurmountable odds, he pushes on. He inspires me to be better than I am.

    I was going to vote Democratic anyway. So I’d have voted for a white man or woman, it’s icing on the cake that I get to vote for an AFRICAN AMERICAN.

    I imagine you were part of that crowd who didn’t care for Vanessa Williams when she was crowned the first black Miss America…after her, black pageant winners became almost cliche. It’s my sincere hope that the same will happen with Barack should he become President. That we get to the place where it’s a non issue what color the man or woman running for office is.

    I thank you for your mission; to challenge (you lost), to inspire (you don’t) and to act (as soon as I leave this site, I’ll be donating again to Obama’s campagin)

  4. Michael,
    Why haven’t you done any homework regarding Obama? How can you simply make assumptions about him without giving him the due diligence he deserves.

    I feel you, however, you are allowing the first Black American (who is more Arab than Black) to come along and take our history and make it his!

    Why don’t you ask yourself who is supporting him? It’s not NAACP! It’s white supremist who want to make America a socialist country!

    If you are looking for me to challenge you and inspire you and to act it’s only to do so with a principle based focused not ethnicity.

  5. If real change for black americans (african americans) is through the heart and not by government, then why do I have to continue to prove that I am an equal to most of those people in america who govern by their hearts? I am a small business owner who is educated, accomplished, but african american and, yet,I struggle each day to prove that I am not a freak of nature. Moreover, how is it that only those americans who are most able to afford the things that do not come from the heart (i.e. the right and not the responsiblity for affordable health care, education, housing, retirement… or in otherwords the pursuit of happiness) continually reject the notion of a government committed to a change of ideals that provides REAL opportunity for all citizens? Natalie T. Collins, Attorney At Law

  6. I guess you support George Bush also!!!!

    I support Barak Obama…..AND NOT BECAUSE HE IS BLACK…Barak can bring upon change and unison in this Country….McCain WILL keep us at war at until eternity…When you see the way his wife acts and speaks at different events I can only imagine what kind of mother she was….If you think for one moment that McCain or Palin care about blacks or middle class may God help you….McCain does not know how to conduct himself in a crisis or debate

    Funny how black people want to deny each other until we need help from one another….It shouldn’t be about color but at the end of the day IT STILL IS!!!

  7. I am an Obama supporter because I feel that that he the right choice for president. We had 8yrs w/the Republican who have done nothing but make the economy worse in this country. America went from being the most “respected” country in the world to the most “HATED” country on the planet.

    McCain would simply be continuing what the Bush administration started , no change, just the same thing. The person that owns this site claims to be black, which I seriously doubt. Why isn’t your picture on the website? Why aren’t you included pictures of yourself when you send hate mail about Obama to blacks like me who like in a predominately Republican neighborhood? What are you trying to hide?

    You puts lies on your website trying to tie Obama to being a being a Muslim and terrorism when it’s already been proven that Obama isn’t. It’s just another lie being circulated by a white Republican pretending to be black. Gee, let’s hope that the media doesn’t start taking about McCain’s time in the military and how he sold out his own country to get his freedom. How McCain killed crewmembers on his ship when his wet flashed his engines, (hit the afterburners while the men were behind the jet), because he was angry when at something he thought another pilot had done to him.

    McCain is angry little man who shouldn’t be allowed president. Where as black people voting for Obama because he’s black is an insult. You are implying that Black Americans don’t have the intelligence to know why they are voting for Obama and that Black Americans aren’t educated enough to make intelligent decisions when they vote.

    You don’t mention how most white Americans are voting for McCain because he’s white. You also don’t mention that there are whites who won’t vote for Obama because he’s a n____r, yes I said it. They won’t vote for Obama because they see him as a n_____r. Obama haters won’t use the word nigger instead Obama haters use alternative words like “Muslim” or “terrorist” I guess it helps people like them and even you sleep better at night.

  8. Attorney Collins,

    Thank you for your reply. First of all it’s not about you or I having to prove anything. Why would you subjugate yourself to any human being.

    To place yourself on the defense is not necessary and to think you have to prove that you are not a “freak of nature”? Where does this mindset come from. If you give any human being power over you, no matter what color they are, you have surrendered yourself to their ideas about you. You can never thrive or find acceptance within this box.

    As a Christian, I don’t live my life unto men, but unto God and more core values dictate my allegiance, not any race of men or ideologies that are not founded upon time test principles.


  9. Dancer,

    You are seriously missing the point. You are thinking BLACK and WHITE, not RIGHT and WRONG.

    Who said I was advocating McCain anyway?

    How can you simply dismiss Obama’s potential risk factor and not give him the slightest scurtny that could potentially provide critical information to who he really is. As long as you are conditioned to hate WHITE, you will never see the WRONG that could be staring you in the face.

    No doubt racism is a reality and it is alive and well on both sides. We all are guilty of hating not merely a color but more so all people who are made in the image of God.

    If you follow the facts and are honest about Obama’s heritage and upbringing, he is a Muslim. Don’t lie about it and he does has terrorist ties. Do you refuse to call a spade a spade because it could be an inconvenient truth?

    If my father is wrong, I’m going to call him wrong. There is no need of being angry at anyone person or group of people. It’s about being capable of following the facts, the policy and ones association and voting for a person who will represent AMERICA as best as they can.

    Let’s all agree upon one thing…No matter how imperfect, AMERICA is still our home. Let’s keep it FREE, SAFE and PROUD. No matter who we vote for our job as AMERICANS is to ensure that the person receives our serious due diligence to make sure they do their job.


  10. Obama says he is christian, yet he is full-on radical pro-abort (doesn’t have a problem with Planned Parenthood filling the black neighborhoods and killing more black babies than are born–what’s up with that??), radical pro-gay marriage (he doesn’t come out and say it; but he tells gay groups he will have gay marriage all across the country, which is pro-gay marriage); and has a series of friends and associates that—as victor davis Hanson has said—are totally unbecoming a president of the United States.
    Obama has so many red flags it makes your head spin. McCain and Palin represent patriotism, and the belief that America is a great force for good in the world. Obama does not.

  11. I don’t believe what Tony said above about meeting older black law enforcement officers that were finding dead black women that had died while trying to abort by use of a coat hanger. This is a myth that pro-abortion people have propagated for years. The head of the National Right to Life Committee has ended his many lectures for years asking if anyone had any personal knowledge of death by coat hanger abortion and has never had one person come forward with information. The culture of death has no honor.

  12. Hello.

    Well, the election is done. The government rests on His Shoulders and yet we are to speak out, with right heart, against wrongs, e.g. John the Baptist and Nathan.

    By many people’s standards, I would be considered white although sometimes I check the other box. Why am I telling you all this? Well, I don’t see mere color, but the Image of God in the variety of the faces. I say this because I don’t know what to do with what has happened. Let me attempt to explain…

    The church I attend is a multi-ethnicity church. I purposely do not use the word race to declare that there is only one race–the human race. I could feel the tension in the service today. This thing called racism is alive and well, in fact, it may have even grown during this election.

    What can be done to reach true reconciliation between brothers and sisters of different skin colors? I am calling on Christian unity conferences. Anyone who wants to contact me please do.


  13. Hi. Just wanted to complement you on this much needed website/forum! Thanks! My wife and I attended the “Tea Party” yesterday in Raleigh. It was great! The lady speaker from your organization truly did represent well! I’m sorry but I did not get her name. I will have comments later. Judging from some of these posted comments, some of our people need a lot of help. We have a lot of work to do!

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