The error of bringing Islamic extremist here!

President Obama is determined to close the Military prison at Guantanamo Cuba and bring the terrorist to America. He has assured us that no one would be released within America who poses a threat to citizens. It is wonderful to have the assurances of the president of the United States. But will those assurances really keep us safe?

How would the president know if they pose a threat to US Citizens? Will he ask them? By being in the United States they will have the constitutional protection of anyone in the judicial system. So if they present a good case, act a certain way, they could be released after a short period of time.

But that is not even half of the problem. Here is the real problem. We are going to bring harden Islamic radicals to our prisons. Prisons are the breeding ground for radical Islamic recruitment. It has always been the breeding ground for their activities. So we are going to bring the most dangerous radicals to our American prison system to radicalize prisoners to send them back out to the Nation.

Recently four young muslim men were arrested in New York preparing to bomb Jewish worship sites and to shoot down a military plane with a stinger missile. Three of the four converted to Islam while in Jail. Richard Reid (the Shoe Bomber) was radicalized while in prison in the United Kingdom. Jose Padilla who was arrested for planning a “dirty Bomb” became a radical Islamic while in prison. There are concerns of possible connections between prison gangs and potential terrorist already within our jails.

The president does not understand that although, “No one has ever escaped from a Max Prison”, other inmates have been released with instruction and training. Even maximum Prisons have drugs problems, how do they get in? They are sent back and forth by prisoners and employees.

The conversion to radical Islam is not new. Malcolm X became a radical black muslim while in prison. As a matter of fact, the Black Muslim movement came out of prison with Ellija Mohammed. The arguments about “not in my back yard” is weak. That is not the reason we should confront and contest this move. Bringing Islamic radical teaching and recruitment to our jails and allowing the students to go spread their message here cannot be good for anyone. Why not keep Guantanamo open? It is doing a great job, it keep the prisoners under the military and keeps them from recruiting within America.

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A horrow store! No, it is not Holloween


Do you believe in horror? There is a new nightmare in town; one that has left many with sleepless nights and cold sweats.

What would happen if the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate became President? President with a liberal administration, in charge of the military, IRS and CIA. Then in your nightmare, keep the Congress under the control of the most liberal Senator and Representative you can find with a veto proof majority.

What would happen if there was a great financial melt down or a new, serious terrorist attack? With the support of the liberal media, who would stop the most liberal President from declaring martial law, suspending the Constitution, and greatly controlling personal liberties?

Who would be left to stop him? Martial law is the suspension of personal and civil liberties and replacing them with military law. The military takes over law enforcement and the courts, and manages the government in place of Congress.

Article 1, Section 9 of the United States Constitution states, “The privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it.” Habeas Corpus recognizes your right as a citizen to require the arresting agency to present you before a court to determine your guilt or innocence. That requirement could be on the police or the military. If Habeas Corpus is suspended and the citizen can longer depend upon the courts to protect then we have in effect Marshall Law. The police or military could arrest citizens for no cause and detain them without trial.

Imagine how such a government would control dissident speech such as talk radio? The limit of churches to speak out would invoke a far greater fear than their current fear of the IRS. This would be real fear. Political prisoners could be gathered and an entire new government could be formed to take over.

They already dislike Christians, want total control over education including home schoolers, and think the rich should be punished and criminals rewarded. They would open the borders, make all non-citizens citizens and give them the right to vote. Any disagreement would be labeled as “intolerant”, “closed minded”, “homophobic”, “racist” or some new name and the offender would be sentenced to “sensitivity retraining” for the good of the children.

The next President of the United States may very well face a terrorist attack, a major national disaster, or an economical meltdown that might cause him to consider taking major control over the lives of the American people. Because of the great risk of such a move, who do you want in that position? Now, granted that a declaration of martial law due to an economical situation is not very likely, in the event of a major terrorist attack, it would not be so inconceivable.

What would your candidate do?
This is a question that goes further than personality, communication skills, or a good ground operation. This is about more than who will sit on the Supreme Court or an increase in taxes. This is even more important than an energy bill, medical care, or education. This is about the U.S. Constitution and the American Way. Do not trust your feelings; trust your mind.

Martial law has been declared in the past. Most cases were only local in their extent, but there is constitutional precedence for placing the entire nation under military rulers. If that time comes again, I pray we have a President that could lead us through it.

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Why The Rage?

It’s obvious to me that many black people refuse to look beyond the color of a man to determine the character of the man.  Furthermore, if we as Black Americans are willing to rush and give any person our vote of confidence without giving that person the critical assessment that is fair and deserving, I say that you have exalted your race above principle and NO race deserves that.

Have you asked yourself any questions that just might give pause to Obama regardless of his color?

Here are a few:

“What if Obama has made some serious judgments that would hurt America?”.

“What if he does have real alliances with terrorist mindsets?”

“What if he is associated with a group that is falsifying votes?

Fact is we can ask critical questions of McCain as well.  No one is without the critical anaylsis that must be endured in order to truly know who we are voting for.  If we are afraid of doing this, we are doing our Blackness an injustice and if truth be told we are poorly representing our enthincity.

What is it going to take for us to look beyond ourselves and see the colorless principles that matters most?  I encourage Black America to realize that we have done well without the need to be affirmed by a Black President period.

However, when that time comes I will be the first to celebrate…after they have proven the content of the character.

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End THIS War! by Mason Weaver

There is a war going on; a terrible war exacting a terrible toll on our men. It is a war that should not have been allowed to continue and one we are losing. In this war, both civilians and combatants are being killed, property is being destroyed, and a nation is under siege. You will not find a daily body count of this war’s casualties in the daily paper. You will not find people marching or a call for Congress to act. No; this war is not in Iraq, but on the streets of Chicago.

Chicago, Illinois, home of “Peacekeeper” Jesse Jackson and his son Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.; city of the great spiritual leader of the black man, Louis Farrakhan, is under attack. How can Chicago, who gave us the agent of change Barrack Hussein Obama and his advisor Reverend Jeremiah Wright, be more dangerous for a black man than the entire country of Iraq?

Imagine a city with twice the deaths from gunfire than an entire army at war in a foreign nation. But isn’t Chicago the land of Oprah? It seems like if we could see into the future of the “change”, coming our way, we would duck.

There were 123 people shot and killed this summer in Chicago; not Illinois, not the Midwest, but the city of Chicago, and mostly in a few particular sectors. From Memorial Day weekend on May 26, and the end of Labor Day on Sept. 1, 123 souls were lost to the testimony of failed liberal policies and a system of gangs. The Democrat controlled city should withdraw and surrender to the gangs; let them iron out their own differences. The young men there would be safer with combat training and patrolling Baghdad than driving around the city of Chicago.

In the same period of time, the U. S. Military reports 65 soldiers were killed in Iraq. What we really need is for Obama to deploy more Community Organizers to bring peace with honor to the streets of Chicago. Folks, we are talking about one city. Please do not look at Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, Saint Louis or any other heavily Democratic, liberal lending city. If you took an honest look at the communities controlled by Democrats you would come to the conclusion that liberalism was a toxic element to black men. It fosters death and destruction with no hope.

When will we see the coffins displayed daily on the evening news? When can we expect the photographs of the fallen citizens solemnly depicted in the paper? Why no news magazines covering the grieving mother screaming for the mayor to do something? Why no chants of “Obama organized…crime” or “gangs grew, Obama knew”. Obama’s preacher told of mean hateful white men while his community committed suicide right (or Wright) in his presence. But Obama did not mind; Chicago was only a temporary stop for him. He was planning his escape to Washington D.C. (Another crime ridden Democratic control, high crime rate city) He temporarily left his comfortable existence in Hawaii with his white parents, white community, supported by his white friends. He only came to Chicago to take, not to give. He left it as he found it, and he stood on their backs to run for office. What he planned for Chicago he now plans for us. He schemed, plotted, and executed well. Do not under estimate him, but do not take him for granted either. Barrack Hussein Obama may be a new breed of Master, but the slaves are still the same. Like an abused family, they support the abuser and disregard the help of neighbors.

Liberal policies fail wherever they are implemented. Why do we keep trying them? Poverty, drugs, gangs, terrible schools, low self-esteem, and destruction will guarantee to also be Democratic and liberal. I guess they are telling the truth only when they claim to be the party for the poor. Of course, they mean the party of poverty.

You want to know why there are less deaths in the country of Iraq than in the city of Chicago? In Iraq the good guys can shoot back!

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Is Barack Obama a Black American?

By William Owens

When I look past the impressive salesmanship of Barack Obama, I see a person who does not resonate with our struggle as a people. Although I know I am not alone in this opinion, it is unfortunate few of us Black Americans are willing to step forward and say this publicly. So here it is. Barack Obama does not and cannot relate to our past as Black Americans because in reality he is not a Black American. I am continually dismayed that he insists on portraying himself as being so, and even more deeply troubled that the media, rather than responsibly reporting the facts, helps sustain this perception.

One thing you can say for sure about us as Black Americans — we are Black and we are proud of it. Now consider Barack Obama, who consistently touts his African roots. His heritage is Muslim – not African American. Ask yourself, “Why is Barack Obama not honest about his origin and, more importantly, why is he not proud of it? Why is he leading us to believe he is someone other than who he really is?” Because of our pride in our heritage, one’s origin should be an acid test for us as Black Americans. If you cannot be honest and forthright about something this basic, how can you be trusted to be the leader of the free world?

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God And the Black Voters

Mason Weaver


It seems odd that a group of voters who are basically conservative on social issues, Christian in their faith and have experienced the horrors of failed social programs should continue to support groups who are totally the opposite with their views. Many of us have spent countless hours debating and questioning these beliefs because it does not make any logical connection. How can we engage our natural constituents on this issue when it seems our logic is not acceptable? That maybe the clue. Logic is not in play, emotions are in play.

I have noticed an exciting pattern as I travel around this country. It does not matter if I am speaking to a black relative, friend or a stranger sitting next to me on a flight, I tend to get the same response. If I ask about Obama, the democrats, abortion, or taxes I get the party line. They respond with “slogans” they have heard “Change, the rich, we got to get ours, sellout, player hater, we got to stick together” and others. You will end up in a frustrated emotional conversation if you attempt to give any logic to the conversation. The truth is not relative to them, they believe and that is all it is to it.

However, there are two things I have noticed that may give us a hint of what will work. I have seen this being successful just about every time I have tried it. This maybe a clue to what we are missing. Bring the conversation to focus not on democratic or republican or even you against them but Christian principals and Biblical teachings.

I had a conversation with a very dear friend who was politically involved with the democratic party. When I asked about his beliefs and political principals concerning same sex marriage, abortion, gun control and taxes I got the normal typical democratic slogans. But then I asked “what does the Bible say about, “Homosexual marriages, abortion…etc.” Now I got solid republican principals repeated back to me. The answers were in line with my thinking and we agreed totally on every issue.

Then came the conflict, “ I am torn” was the response. Torn between getting reelected or following the principals of the Bible. The conversation became quiet and peaceful instead of heated and agitated. We began to discover the real fear and the real solutions. We ended in prayer and success. This has been repeated all over the country with people I call Christian but support ungodly principals. I am often stunned by black democrats who do not know the democratic party supports abortion and homosexual rights. I have observed that many people do not read newspapers or listen to television news programs. If you have a culture getting their information from a comedian or entertainers you will not know all the issues.

Most of the time ( and I use “most” accurately) when I discuss abortion to black Christian they do not know nor do they believe the democratic party supports it. They are shocked when I suggest it is in the democratic platform. They even challenge if I am just speaking lies about their party. However, they state that they could not support a party like that “if it were true.” This has been a very interesting revelation. If we can bring the Biblical principals to bear in our conversation we can gather people to vote not for the party but for the issues based upon their own beliefs. This is easy. If you life HIM up HE will draw all men to HIM.

Let’s enter the discussion on Christian principals, let’s engage not along party lines but along Biblical truths. We have been going about this the wrong way. It is not about the black race or the white race, it is about the race of Christ.



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New blog is coming soon!

It’s time for a new expression of hope, a new gathering of proactive minds to celebrate God’s greatness through us and our contributions to America and the world.

Stay tuned for a journey that will unravel your mind and free you to be new in Christ Jesus everyday of your life.

William Owens


Alveda King


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