Is Barack Obama a Black American?

By William Owens

When I look past the impressive salesmanship of Barack Obama, I see a person who does not resonate with our struggle as a people. Although I know I am not alone in this opinion, it is unfortunate few of us Black Americans are willing to step forward and say this publicly. So here it is. Barack Obama does not and cannot relate to our past as Black Americans because in reality he is not a Black American. I am continually dismayed that he insists on portraying himself as being so, and even more deeply troubled that the media, rather than responsibly reporting the facts, helps sustain this perception.

One thing you can say for sure about us as Black Americans — we are Black and we are proud of it. Now consider Barack Obama, who consistently touts his African roots. His heritage is Muslim – not African American. Ask yourself, “Why is Barack Obama not honest about his origin and, more importantly, why is he not proud of it? Why is he leading us to believe he is someone other than who he really is?” Because of our pride in our heritage, one’s origin should be an acid test for us as Black Americans. If you cannot be honest and forthright about something this basic, how can you be trusted to be the leader of the free world?

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