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I say it unabashedly. I love my country. And I have taught my children to love it as well. As an informed citizen, I can discuss with you our imperfections as a nation. We have our warts and our weaknesses. But the fact remains, America is unique and I believe we are exceptional. We are a powerful yet compassionate country that has been the great stabilizer in the world.  Indeed, America is a coveted land made up of resilient people from every tongue, tone, and temperament. It makes us who we are and despite our faults, – and we surely have them – we remain a country that I believe God has blessed and set forth as a beacon of hope and freedom for the entire world.

 It is not my intent here to attack Barack Obama personally. Let that be emphatically understood. However, any discussion, in order to be meaningful, must draw attention to Barack Obama’s character as well as his agenda and how both will impact the lives of Black Americans and our country as a whole. (Purchase Now)

My purpose is to challenge you to look deeper at Barack Obama. If you are honest, I think you will conclude – as have I and so many others – that Obama’s agenda is both wicked from a Christian perspective and highly manipulative when it comes to Black Americans.  Perhaps Obama knows this. Then again, perhaps he does not realize what he is doing. I say this because powerful and influential advisors can easily manipulate inexperienced politicians. Newcomers to the national political arena like freshly-minted Senator Barack Obama can become deluded into thinking they are doing right when they are really doing wrong. 

Throughout our nation’s history there have been those with an evil agenda who have sought to weaken and ultimately destroy the United States. Terrorism is but the latest manifestation of this. The difference this time is that weapons of mass destruction are in play. A dirty bomb or biological attack would be calamitous. Moreover, all wars have a psychological component whereby the enemy and its surrogates seek to divide and conquer by playing on the prejudices and fears of the citizenry. I confess that at times I wonder if there are organized efforts underway to destabilize our nation from within. Our common defense rests, in my view, on our ability to create and maintain strong families.

Ultimately, it is we, the people, who must preserve our homes, our way of life, and our country. Strong families translate into a strong nation of free people. In a sense, today our backs are to the wall. Where else can we go? Is there another country on earth that offers its people greater freedom and more opportunity to be and do better? 

 We must as Black Americans work hard and work smart to preserve what we have gained.
 And this leads me to the current Presidential election and the reason for this book.
As a Black American, I have developed serious doubts about Senator Barack Obama. Based on what I have seen, read and heard, I have come to view him as potentially dangerous – for our country and in particular for us as Black Americans.
Obama’s handsome features, physical stature, and eloquence combine to make him a charismatic politician.  You must admit this can be a deadly combination for us as Black Americans. In my view, we tend to have an addiction to “feeling good” and are easily satisfied with goose bumps that go no deeper than our first layer of skin. Moreover, we are often afraid to look deeper — beyond the obvious — because then we would have to be responsible for our choices and refute the belief that a person who looks like us will automatically “take care of us.” It is the Black mindset that presses upon us to say, “Give the brother a chance.” 
On one level I confess I understand this tendency. And yet I submit that we as Black Americans must move beyond this. Would you let someone you did not know enter your family circle to date your daughter in order to “give him a chance?” I doubt you would. Therefore, does it make sense to vote for Barack Obama for the same reason?  Do you really want to vote someone into the highest office in the land just to “give the brother a chance?” 

The purpose of this book is to challenge you as a Black American to look deeper at Barack Obama the man, his voting record, and his position on the important issues facing our country, which unfortunately seem to change with the next newscast.

I believe when you take time to look closely and dispassionately – and if you are truly honest with yourself – you will see a politician who is charismatic but seriously devoid of the kind of experience that qualifies him to be President of the United States. I think you will see a young man who is anything but candid about who he is, what he really believes, and who his associates are. Under real scrutiny Barack Obama emerges as a continuously morphing, media-made cyborg candidate. One is left asking “Who or what is behind the Barack Obama phenomenon?” I’m not alone in this assessment. I cannot tell you how many discussions I have had with both prominent and ordinary Black Americans who have expressed serious doubts about Barack Obama and where he will take us as a society and as a nation.

I urge you: don’t put your race before your principles, before the truth, before your family, and before your own country.

As human beings our principles are but the sum total of what we are when no one is watching and what we really believe when we have our eyes closed and are listening to that still small voice within. I choose to believe this is God’s presence in our lives helping us to seek and ultimately find wisdom. Think hard and look within as you take the measure of Barack Obama. When a candidate for the presidency of the United States wants to seriously weaken his country in a time of war with fanatical enemies intent on acquiring weapons of mass destruction; when a candidate wants to legalize homosexual marriage and thereby damage our vital family structure; when this candidate seeks to implement drastic socialistic economic policies that will undercut our free-market economy, I say we as a nation of FREE families need to carefully consider just who this person is – Black or not!

Through the writing of this book my family and I are attempting to speak directly to Black American families. However, let it also be a clarion call to all Americans. I ask that you carefully and prayerfully weigh my perceptions as well as the facts as they are laid before you in this book. When you do – and you look deep into your heart — I believe you will agree with me that we must defeat Senator Barack Obama in his quest to become President of this powerful country and its special people.

Raising the Standard,
William Owens
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  1. I cannot find your book on the Barnes & Noble site or
    How can one get it and why isn’t it on those sites?

    For now you may pre-purchase at As of September 1st, it will be available on, and in bookstores. Go to your bookstore and ask for it. The ISBN # is: 978-1-60702-073-8

  2. Thank God for you brother. As a pastor i find it so disheartening that black christians are supporting a candidate that clearly promotes a Anti-God agenda(abortion, same sex). This is a book that is much needed in a time where black Christains are choosing their allegiance to their color over their allegiance to Christ.

  3. You are just trying to sell your book.

  4. I want to start off by saying that I have not yet read your book. I just wanted clarity on this; are you saying that another 4-8 years of the Bush administration (via McCain/Palin) would be better for us than an Obama administration?

  5. Sadly Disappointed,

    This website breaks my heart and my spirit. I am a black man, husband, and father of three. When I read negative sites like this one generated by Blacks against Blacks it’s a wonder how we ever escaped slavery. I bet you Dr. King Is doing back flips in his grave right now knowing the sacrifices that he made alone with others to get us to this point, just to have you guys spit on them. Senator Obama isn’t a Saint, neither was Dr. King. Infact the only man that can say he walked this earth without sin was Jesus Christ. I guess what I’m trying to say is God help those who help themselves. Sen. Obama has made some misstakes and misjudgments in his life. So has McCaine, Sara Palin and her husband. Everything from finical scadles, to hateful pastors, and yes even wanting to seperate from the USA, but he is young and learning. We as a Black Nation can stand and work with him to bring change that we need so despratly. However that’s the difference between White people and Balck people. White people are willing to look past thier people problems and support them anyway just to keep a Black man from being President. And you say his not Black? Just ask Tiger Woods What color he is. He to was reminded when he won the Masters what color he is. Just ask OJ. He’ll tell you. All the White people he had in his corner. Where is he now? I don’t get it brothers. Maybe you William Owens and this website need to become BLACK!!!!!

  6. Mike,

    It saddens me that you are sad by my position to stimulate my brothers and sisters to understand that I am enthused at the prospect of a Black man becoming President! However, I will not place my principles above my pigmentation. Is this wrong?

    This is not about McCain or Palin! It’s about my family, my wife, my children. I’ve been married for 23 years Mike and I want to see my children have the right to choose their own destiny.

    I encourage you to focus your passion on principles that will ensure as we celebrate who we are we do so with people of character not just people of color.

    Be Encouraged!


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