Why The Rage?

It’s obvious to me that many black people refuse to look beyond the color of a man to determine the character of the man.  Furthermore, if we as Black Americans are willing to rush and give any person our vote of confidence without giving that person the critical assessment that is fair and deserving, I say that you have exalted your race above principle and NO race deserves that.

Have you asked yourself any questions that just might give pause to Obama regardless of his color?

Here are a few:

“What if Obama has made some serious judgments that would hurt America?”.

“What if he does have real alliances with terrorist mindsets?”

“What if he is associated with a group that is falsifying votes?

Fact is we can ask critical questions of McCain as well.  No one is without the critical anaylsis that must be endured in order to truly know who we are voting for.  If we are afraid of doing this, we are doing our Blackness an injustice and if truth be told we are poorly representing our enthincity.

What is it going to take for us to look beyond ourselves and see the colorless principles that matters most?  I encourage Black America to realize that we have done well without the need to be affirmed by a Black President period.

However, when that time comes I will be the first to celebrate…after they have proven the content of the character.

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  1. Wow,

    I am not alone! but I truly feel that way some times For I have been told that I am not a real black man because I voted for Bush. Even Christians at the church I attend and taught Sunday school in San Diego Ca, found out and started to give me a cold shoulder.

    I am very aware of the social engineering that’s been going on with our people for years, if a person did resreach on any given group of people voting at 90+ % will only find this priviage beeing enjoyed buy ditactors .

    This great truth was not brought about with my great Brain or knowledge but after coming familiar with truth though my Lord and Savory Jesus Christ and this truth has truly set me free.

    I believe this is the key to setting our people free forever. God has given our people freedom and grace though the mission of Dr King but as the children of Israel quickly did we have forgotten not only what God has done and that He was the one that did it.

    Min Michael L. Paterson

  2. As an American, I am inspired to read your blog. As a Christian, I am joyous to read your devotion. As a conservative Republican voter I am honored to call you my friends. Not because of how you vote, but because you are displaying phenomonal character, excellent judgement and courage because you are really pursuing the truth.
    Your brother in Christ.
    Remember, The Lord has got this mess figured out, nothing takes him by surprise.
    Steve Knipper

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