God And the Black Voters

Mason Weaver


It seems odd that a group of voters who are basically conservative on social issues, Christian in their faith and have experienced the horrors of failed social programs should continue to support groups who are totally the opposite with their views. Many of us have spent countless hours debating and questioning these beliefs because it does not make any logical connection. How can we engage our natural constituents on this issue when it seems our logic is not acceptable? That maybe the clue. Logic is not in play, emotions are in play.

I have noticed an exciting pattern as I travel around this country. It does not matter if I am speaking to a black relative, friend or a stranger sitting next to me on a flight, I tend to get the same response. If I ask about Obama, the democrats, abortion, or taxes I get the party line. They respond with “slogans” they have heard “Change, the rich, we got to get ours, sellout, player hater, we got to stick together” and others. You will end up in a frustrated emotional conversation if you attempt to give any logic to the conversation. The truth is not relative to them, they believe and that is all it is to it.

However, there are two things I have noticed that may give us a hint of what will work. I have seen this being successful just about every time I have tried it. This maybe a clue to what we are missing. Bring the conversation to focus not on democratic or republican or even you against them but Christian principals and Biblical teachings.

I had a conversation with a very dear friend who was politically involved with the democratic party. When I asked about his beliefs and political principals concerning same sex marriage, abortion, gun control and taxes I got the normal typical democratic slogans. But then I asked “what does the Bible say about, “Homosexual marriages, abortion…etc.” Now I got solid republican principals repeated back to me. The answers were in line with my thinking and we agreed totally on every issue.

Then came the conflict, “ I am torn” was the response. Torn between getting reelected or following the principals of the Bible. The conversation became quiet and peaceful instead of heated and agitated. We began to discover the real fear and the real solutions. We ended in prayer and success. This has been repeated all over the country with people I call Christian but support ungodly principals. I am often stunned by black democrats who do not know the democratic party supports abortion and homosexual rights. I have observed that many people do not read newspapers or listen to television news programs. If you have a culture getting their information from a comedian or entertainers you will not know all the issues.

Most of the time ( and I use “most” accurately) when I discuss abortion to black Christian they do not know nor do they believe the democratic party supports it. They are shocked when I suggest it is in the democratic platform. They even challenge if I am just speaking lies about their party. However, they state that they could not support a party like that “if it were true.” This has been a very interesting revelation. If we can bring the Biblical principals to bear in our conversation we can gather people to vote not for the party but for the issues based upon their own beliefs. This is easy. If you life HIM up HE will draw all men to HIM.

Let’s enter the discussion on Christian principals, let’s engage not along party lines but along Biblical truths. We have been going about this the wrong way. It is not about the black race or the white race, it is about the race of Christ.



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