A horrow store! No, it is not Holloween


Do you believe in horror? There is a new nightmare in town; one that has left many with sleepless nights and cold sweats.

What would happen if the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate became President? President with a liberal administration, in charge of the military, IRS and CIA. Then in your nightmare, keep the Congress under the control of the most liberal Senator and Representative you can find with a veto proof majority.

What would happen if there was a great financial melt down or a new, serious terrorist attack? With the support of the liberal media, who would stop the most liberal President from declaring martial law, suspending the Constitution, and greatly controlling personal liberties?

Who would be left to stop him? Martial law is the suspension of personal and civil liberties and replacing them with military law. The military takes over law enforcement and the courts, and manages the government in place of Congress.

Article 1, Section 9 of the United States Constitution states, “The privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it.” Habeas Corpus recognizes your right as a citizen to require the arresting agency to present you before a court to determine your guilt or innocence. That requirement could be on the police or the military. If Habeas Corpus is suspended and the citizen can longer depend upon the courts to protect then we have in effect Marshall Law. The police or military could arrest citizens for no cause and detain them without trial.

Imagine how such a government would control dissident speech such as talk radio? The limit of churches to speak out would invoke a far greater fear than their current fear of the IRS. This would be real fear. Political prisoners could be gathered and an entire new government could be formed to take over.

They already dislike Christians, want total control over education including home schoolers, and think the rich should be punished and criminals rewarded. They would open the borders, make all non-citizens citizens and give them the right to vote. Any disagreement would be labeled as “intolerant”, “closed minded”, “homophobic”, “racist” or some new name and the offender would be sentenced to “sensitivity retraining” for the good of the children.

The next President of the United States may very well face a terrorist attack, a major national disaster, or an economical meltdown that might cause him to consider taking major control over the lives of the American people. Because of the great risk of such a move, who do you want in that position? Now, granted that a declaration of martial law due to an economical situation is not very likely, in the event of a major terrorist attack, it would not be so inconceivable.

What would your candidate do?
This is a question that goes further than personality, communication skills, or a good ground operation. This is about more than who will sit on the Supreme Court or an increase in taxes. This is even more important than an energy bill, medical care, or education. This is about the U.S. Constitution and the American Way. Do not trust your feelings; trust your mind.

Martial law has been declared in the past. Most cases were only local in their extent, but there is constitutional precedence for placing the entire nation under military rulers. If that time comes again, I pray we have a President that could lead us through it.

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