Is Barack Obama a Black American?

By William Owens

When I look past the impressive salesmanship of Barack Obama, I see a person who does not resonate with our struggle as a people. Although I know I am not alone in this opinion, it is unfortunate few of us Black Americans are willing to step forward and say this publicly. So here it is. Barack Obama does not and cannot relate to our past as Black Americans because in reality he is not a Black American. I am continually dismayed that he insists on portraying himself as being so, and even more deeply troubled that the media, rather than responsibly reporting the facts, helps sustain this perception.

One thing you can say for sure about us as Black Americans — we are Black and we are proud of it. Now consider Barack Obama, who consistently touts his African roots. His heritage is Muslim – not African American. Ask yourself, “Why is Barack Obama not honest about his origin and, more importantly, why is he not proud of it? Why is he leading us to believe he is someone other than who he really is?” Because of our pride in our heritage, one’s origin should be an acid test for us as Black Americans. If you cannot be honest and forthright about something this basic, how can you be trusted to be the leader of the free world?

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  1. Obama’s heritage is Muslim just like my heritage is Christian. I know Black Americans that are actually Budist. Does your religious background determine you RACE? NO, it does not. He is African American because his father is from Africa and he was born in America to a White American. His citizenship is not in question so he is American of Black African dissent. Besides your religion please explain your heritage. Black American is not a parallel to Muslim. Are you of African Dissent?

    Although I can see what you are Trying to do, I would say you need to do more research so you can make a more intelligent arguement.


  2. I’m not understanding your argument and I must agree with some of what ktjcm states. Barack is the offspring of an African born in Kenya and aa Anglo American woman. He was born in Hawaii, one of the fifty states in the US. So wouldn’t this make Barack an African-American? If your argument is that he is not a descendant of a formerly enslaved African that was kidnapped from Africa and brought to this country to endure one of the most dehumanizing and cruel eras of world history, literally you are correct. However, like Tiger Woods Barack wears his African heritage on his face and has therefore endured much of the legacy of prejudice and hatred that the enslavement of Africans has placed on this country. Unfortunately, no one asks for your birth certificate, parentage or pedigree before they make judgements, all that’s required is your Black face.

    Then you embark on the tangent of religion, while you eagerally throw out his father’s Muslim religion, you fail to mention his mother’s or his grandparent’s religion, since these were the people who reared him. Also, you neglect to mention his religious affiliation during his adult life.

    You do not have to agree with his politics, nor do you have to like him, however to insinuate that perhaps he can not identify with our struggle because he is not a descendant of enslaved Africans or that his religious affiliation is Muslim because you believe his father was Muslim is disingenuous and petty.

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